Our college established Women Empowerment Cell in 2011 as per the proceedings and instructions of the then Commissioner, K. Sunitha, I.A.S.


• To maintain and to strengthen the status of women
• To create awareness on women’s rights
• To ensure safety and dignity of the female students and staff.


• To create an environment free from prejudice
• To create awareness about gender discrimination
• To provide space where female students can explore their full potential


• To address all the issues pertaining to gender discrimination
• To help women in developing a confident personality
• To create awareness about women welfare laws
• To assert the importance of social equality
• To prevent harassment and promote the general well-being of female students/staff.


• Encourages students to come together and participate in academic, cultural and community service
• Safeguards students by taking security measures in college campus.


Activities and Events

1. Activities and Events 2017-2018 

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2. Activities and Events 2018-2019 

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3. Activities and Events 2019-2020 

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4. Activities and Events 2020-2021 

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5. Activities and Events 2021-2022 

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6. Activities and Events 2022-23 

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