Waste Management

Waste Management

1. Solid and Liquid Waste Management 

Govt. Degree College, Tuni places a strong emphasis on environmentally-friendly initiatives to foster a healthy and eco-conscious atmosphere within the campus while ensuring a robust tree cover. As part of this commitment, the institution promotes the adoption of eco-friendly practices. Efforts to minimize campus waste include educational programs for both students and staff, utilizing methods such as lectures, notice board advertisements, and the display of slogan boards. Daily waste collection occurs from various sources, with segregation into dry and wet waste categories. Different-colored dustbins are strategically employed for specific types of waste. For degradable waste, green and blue dustbins are designated for wet and dry (solid) waste, respectively. Non-degradable waste is disposed of in red-colored dustbins. Additionally, the campus features two sizable pits, each measuring 10x10x10 meters, positioned at the eastern end—one for degradable and the other for non-degradable waste disposal.  

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2. e-Waste Management 

The institute has formed a committee tasked with identifying outdated or nonfunctional electronic equipment on campus and compiling a detailed list. Following approval from the Staff Council and strict adherence to the Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for e-waste Management outlined by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, the obsolete equipment is then sent to a designated agency for responsible recycling.  

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