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Activities and Events 2022-2023

Activities and Events 2022-2023: 

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Activities and Events 2021-2022

arrow Inauguration of volleyball Court
arrow Nehru Yuvakendra Rural Tournament, Tuni
arrow Sports Things Sponsered by Staff
arrow National level selection for tennis and volleyball
arrow Nehru yuvakendra district tournament held on 06-3-2022
arrow Women's day celebration conducted on 4-3-2022
arrow Annual Day Sports Meet-2022
arrow Self Defence Class held from 05-05-2022
arrow World Athletics Day held on 7-5-2022
arrow Olympic Day held on 23-06-2022
arrow International Chess Day held on 20-7-2022
arrow Independence Day Celebration
arrow National Sports Day held on 29-8-2022
arrow Rotary club volley ball tournament held from 18-11-2022 to22-11-2022