Incubation Centre

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. N. Sridhar Lecturer in Computer Science
2 Rasmi Ranjan Khansama Lecturer in Computer Science
3 B. Ravi Kumar Lecturer in Computer Applications


1. Innovation : 

It is an online marketplace designed for sellers and buyers involved in the real estate construction material industry. The platform caters to customers seeking cost-effective construction materials. Additionally, it facilitates transactions between suppliers of vehicles, such as borewell machines, concrete mixers, cranes, and JCBs, and clients in need of these services. Prospective buyers looking to acquire construction materials can submit their quotations through the platform, allowing them to access quality materials at competitive prices from a diverse range of sellers.

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2. Innovation : 

This is an online platform dedicated to the sale of sweet pan. Customers have the option to explore a diverse selection of sweet pan varieties and place orders seamlessly through chat or WhatsApp. For sellers, the platform serves as a convenient avenue to showcase their pan products, enabling them to connect with a broad spectrum of customers and expand their reach.

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3. Innovation : 

Of those ideas one innovative idea came from rural weavers family. They want to sell their hand weaved sarees, dhotis online so that they gets good income. Earlier those weavers has to sell those products to brokers at very cheap prices. These brokers formed as a syndicate and literally created a monopoly in this business. These brokers in turn used to sell the products at high prices to end consumers. This lead to loss to weaver families and high price to consumers. With their new proposed application, Its win-win for both consumers and economically weak weaver families. The newly developed app will host those weavers products, so that consumers can purchase at an affordable price. The Department of Computer Science once again encouraged the students in transforming their idea in to reality by funding their domain name and hosting space purchase in cloud environment. We also developed application for their requirements.

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4. Innovation : 

Online platform aimed for servicing transport services for women by women drivers. This has been given to students of 3rd B.Com(CA) during year 2021.

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5. Innovation : 

Online platform for selling seasonal mangos and by products. This has been given to student of 3rd B.Sc(MCCS), during the year 2020..

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