The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial recourses for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose and using the grants received the college as per the requirements in the interest of students.

    Laboratory- Record of maintenance account is maintained and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments. Other measures to maintain laboratories are as follows: The calibration, repairing and maintenance of sophisticated lab equipments are done regularly as and when required. and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments. There is systematic disposal of waste of all types such as bio-degradable chemical and e-waste.

      Library- The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned departments and HoDs are involved in the process. The finalized list of required books is duly approved and signed by the Principal. Every year in the beginning of session, students are motivated to register themselves in library to use the library resources and SC/ST Book bank further caters to the need of the students with full sets for the semesters. Further, new journals and regular newspapers are made available by librarian. The library is opting to go for open rack system next year and 2 computers are provided to students in library.

      To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before obtaining TC from college and every semester students are required to submit the books taken after finishing that semester to take books for next semester. The proper account of visitors (students and staff) on daily basis is maintained.

      Sports: Regarding the maintenance of Badminton/ Volley Ball court & Gym is taken care by the Committee and Principal of the College since there is no PD available in the college.

      College students won prizes in Cricket, Volley Ball, Basketball , Kabbaddi, Kho Kho etc., in and around the District.

      Computers- Computer maintenance is done regularly and non-repairable systems are disposed off. Classrooms-The college has a building committee for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure. At the departmental level, HoDs submit their requirements to the Principal regarding classroom furniture and other. The college development fund is utilized for maintenance and minor repair of furniture and other electrical equipments.

      With the help of the two sweepers cleanliness of class rooms is maintained. They are well equipped with modern tools of cleaning such as mops, gloves and vacuum cleaner. Students are sensitized regarding cleanliness and motivated for energy conservation by careful use of electricity in classrooms.