Principal Message

Principal Msg

Principal : Dr CH. Lalitha. M.A,Ph.D

“The more the power of concentration, the more knowledge is acquired, because concentration is the one and only method of acquiring knowledge” – Swami Vivekananda

Students are the pillars of the nation. A majority of the students are from rural background, the main aim of the GDC(A), TUNI is to train up the students both in curricular and in co-curricular activities, apart from Life Skills & Skill Development Courses by efficient faculty, who always seeks to inculcate the students with soft skills besides their academic excellence.

GDC (A), TUNI stands as a platform for the students to take on social responsibility by doing different community service projects, being volunteers in NSS Unit. The rich libraries enhance the knowledge of the students and enrich physical fitness through separate Gymnasiums for both Men & Women.

I am happy to say that Jawahar Knowledge Center trains the students in job-oriented skills, life skills and conducts Campus Drives, which improves Competitive Spirit among them. I also feel proud that Women Empowerment Cell organizes Self-Defence classes for all women in the institution.

Along with student centric activities and teaching methods, the college further caters to employability skills of the students by training them up to fit into the competitive society in and around surrounding region.